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How to Pick the Best Virtual Reality Education Software

Picking quality training materials and methods are essential to developing a confident and competent workforce. Traditionally, this means outlining the skills and knowledge that employees need to master and then building out an appropriate curriculum — often slides, worksheets, and … Read More

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality for Training

If you’ve never tried it, you might mistakenly think that virtual reality is still science fiction or a gaming gimmick. Nothing could be further from reality (pun fully intended). In fact, according to Gartner, one of the most trusted technology … Read More

Virtual Reality for Fall Protection Training

Construction, by its very nature, is full of the hazards of partially built structures, open holes, and incomplete surfaces and structures, not to mention the often dizzying heights. We all know that fall protection and prevention must be top-of-mind at … Read More

Is Your Business Ready for Virtual Reality Training?

Many training managers are pondering this simple question: Is my business ready for virtual reality training? But the real questions (read: fears) lurking in the back of their minds are: What the heck is virtual reality-based training? What would it … Read More

Effects of Fully Immersive VR Training on Physical Tasks – Research Study

Video instruction has become all the rage. Khan Academy, Skillshare, Udemy, and a whole host of other video training programs are rapidly offsetting more traditional lecture and seminar-style learning environments. However, the evolution from in-person to virtual training is not … Read More

PIXO VR Fall Protection training - man on elevated worksite

PIXO VR is Providing Virtual Reality Training that is Saving Lives and Millions of Dollars

PIXO VR was recently featured on CNBC, alongside Microsoft and STRIVR for our work in saving lives and millions of dollars in the prevention of workplace accidents with virtual reality training. In this feature, CNBC covers the rapidly growing market … Read More

PIXO VR Fall Protection - view of street from elevated worksite

Guide to the Best VR Software for Your Training

“I want to add virtual reality to my training program — but where do I start?” This question, in some form, tends to kick off our first conversation with corporate training managers and executives. By now, most have heard the … Read More

Painting with VR Headset

When to Use Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality training is finding its way into a variety of industries and training programs. But before deciding on a VR training solution, one needs to consider the best way to use VR training as a tool. When building-out training … Read More

Construction worker in scaffolding after construction VR training.

How VR Training Improves Your Current Training Program

Customers often come to PIXO VR with an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to virtual reality training. However, more often than not we are recommending VR training as complementary, not a “rip and replace” solution to their current program. That’s … Read More

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10 Benefits to Virtual Reality Construction Safety Training

In 2016, there were 370 fatal falls out of 991 construction fatalities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction safety and fall protection training, in particular, is a severe problem that needs a better solution. Consider this true story… … Read More