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virtual reality construction training

Virtual Reality for Construction Training

Two of the biggest challenges in construction training are safety and technology. Both tend to work against each other. As we introduce technology to make construction projects safer and more productive, these same technologies can add to both confusion and … Read More

How Hand Tracking Levels Up From Haptic

VR technology is rapidly expanding and advancing, enabling more realistic experiences with each new iteration. Haptic technology has been all the rage, but excitement over better haptics is now giving way to the need for better visual renderings. While haptic … Read More

Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality

  Immersive learning in its rawest, most basic form isn’t much different than the old-fashioned method of tossing someone into a pool to teach them how to swim, (that example, of course, would be immersive learning quite literally). Today’s immersive … Read More

group vr training

Virtual Reality Training as a Group

Should you be using VR to train your employees? Companies that use VR tech instead of traditional methods to teach employees are finding their employees learn faster and retain more information longer after training. Previous to now, the high cost … Read More

How Virtual Reality Suits Different Learning Styles

One of the most frequently cited challenges for training managers and departments is the ability to deliver their training in an even, uniform way that works for all their students and trainees. One reason why this can be so difficult … Read More

Difference Between 3dof and 6dof, and Why It’s Important

If you’re just now getting into the world of VR, the multiple acronyms can be a little confusing. Today, we’re going to demystify two similar terms that have to do with the types of motions and maneuvers you can experience … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About 6dof and Standalone VR

With the launch of the Oculus Quest into the VR market, a new world of possibilities has opened up for virtual reality for enterprise. Oculus’ spring release of its first standalone 6dof wireless headset — the Oculus Quest — allows … Read More

PIXO VR’s Guide to 6dof and the Oculus Quest

This spring, Oculus VR released its first standalone 6dof wireless headset – the Oculus Quest. But what exactly is “6dof”? And how does it work to make the Oculus Quest such a game-changer? Understanding ‘degrees of freedom’ In a VR … Read More

Business Case Virtual Reality

Part Four: How to Build the Business Case to Add Virtual Reality to Your Current Training Program

In the first three parts of our series we looked at evaluating your organization’s current training methods, the need to keep your training regimen current in order to appeal to younger generations, how to use the principles of instructional design … Read More

Part Three: How to Create a VR Training Classroom or Add VR to Your Classroom

In the first two parts of our series, we looked at why your company should be considering VR training, as well as how to go about creating and implementing a training regimen. For many companies, however, knowing how to go … Read More