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Part Three: How to Create a VR Training Classroom or Add VR to Your Classroom

In the first two parts of our series, we looked at why your company should be considering VR training, as well as how to go about creating and implementing a training regimen. For many companies, however, knowing how to go … Read More

Part Two: How to Introduce Virtual Reality Into Your Instructional Design

In Part One of this four-part series, we looked at how to improve the effectiveness of your employee training program, including why it’s important, what the current generation of workers is looking for and why virtual reality (VR) is one … Read More

Part One: How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Current Workforce Training Programs

In 2016, millennials made up 35% of American workers, making them the single biggest generation in the U.S. workforce. This generation grew up with smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. Dr. Christy Price, founding director of the Center for Academic Excellence … Read More

Intelligent Tutoring: Bridging the Gap From Knowing to Doing – Research Study

An award-winning dish may be delicious and a beauty to look at, but there’s more to creating it than simply knowing the ingredients. While knowing the ingredients is a big step, knowing how much of each ingredient goes into the … Read More

4 Research Papers to Support Your VR Training Business Case

Virtual reality training research is helping more and more companies understand that a VR training program can be the fastest, most effective way to train their employees. However, some CEOs and shareholders remain hard to convince, leaving CIOs and CTOs … Read More

‘Reverb’ Reviews: HP’s New VR Headset Shines

With the debut of its Windows-based Mixed Reality Headset (WMR) in 2017, HP announced its arrival on the fast-growing VR hardware landscape. Along with its powerful and wearable HP Z-series backpack, the company demonstrated its intention to become a major … Read More


Virtual Reality Software Leaders and Energy R&D Experts Partner to Break New Ground with First Responder Training ROYAL OAK, MI. — PIXO VR, the Virtual Reality (VR) Training provider ​recently spotlighted by CNBC​ as a leader in its field, and GTI, a … Read More