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PIXO VR Ready for OC6 with VR Training for Oculus Quest
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OC6 is almost here — and PIXO VR is ready. After a big year that...
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Intelligent Tutoring: Bridging the Gap From Knowing to Doing – Research Study
An award-winning dish may be delicious and a beauty to look at, but there's more...
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4 Research Papers to Support Your VR Training Business Case
Virtual reality training research is helping more and more companies understand that a VR training...
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PIXO VR Training and video games have some important things in common.
Our VR Training is no game — it just teaches like one
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One of the early hurdles to widespread adoption of virtual reality has been a problem...
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VR Motion Sickness
Why Some VR Causes Motion Sickness (And Ours Doesn't)
A recent article published on declared, essentially, that virtual reality has finally become reality-reality:...
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PIXO VR Expert Insights: Erica Schaffel, PIXO VR's VP of Sales
As someone on the front line of PIXO VR’s team, Erica Schaffel, Vice President of...
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