The PIXO Platform Integrates the Entire VR Ecosystem

In order to bring the value of VR technology to businesses, PIXO has solved the technical barriers by creating partnerships and integrations with content, hardware and even backend LMS integrations—making VR training hassle-free for businesses.

Training content to solve skilled labor shortage and improve soft skills

PIXO partners with developers and agencies developing the best content for enterprise training. Our library of content continues to grow each day allowing your clients easy entry into VR training. Of course there are times when custom content is needed and we makes it simple for you to bring that content into the library and provision it for your unique clients.

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The VR Training Ecosystem

PIXO orchestrates VR training for businesses by integrating content, deploying it wirelessly to any device globally, and retrieving user data on status and training assessments for complete 360 degree management of VR training programs.

Smart Integrations Bring in the Best Content and Keep it Current

PIXO has a proprietary content API that content partners can use to upload content directly to the PIXO platform. The integration ensures compatibility with all devices and dynamically keeps the content updated as creators improve it or fix bugs. That means you get the largest library of VR training content that is easily accessible and always current.

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PIXO VR Content Works With All Devices

We know that different teams and regions prefer different devices, so we’ve engineered our solution to be able to deploy and track from any VR headset. You never have to worry about updates or lock-ins, PIXO has you covered for any headset you choose.

And to streamline the experience, we integrate with Arbor XR and VMware technologies to deploy the content wirelessly to headsets located anywhere in the world.

PIXO Connects to all Learning Management Systems

PIXO has created an API that allows simple integration with Learning Management Systems. It brings all the great tracking and assessment data from VR training right into the LMS that you use.

Don’t use an LMS? No problem! PIXO has a robust analytics dashboard and reporting so you can easily manage your VR training program and show value.

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