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After Training 2022, Here’s How VR Helping Training

A message from PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz, following the Training 2022 Conference & Expo Last week, training and development, learning, and performance professionals from both the public and private sectors converged at the Training 2022 Conference & Expo at Disney’s Coronado … Read More

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How to Get Started with VR Training

In an increasingly virtual working environment, HR and Safety Training departments are challenged with providing a great employee experience and effective training to help close the skills gap. The past few years have brought about significant changes in the way … Read More

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What is the Future of XR? Applications and Use Cases

With the global market for Extended Reality (XR) and its applications expected to expand 10-fold by 2024, there will hardly be an industry that doesn’t take advantage of this powerful training tool. Presently, especially in the time where remote work … Read More

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Off-the-Shelf XR Solutions for Every Organization

Much has been written about extended reality (XR) and the exciting potential it brings to the gaming and entertainment industries. So, why is no one talking about the billion-dollar solutions XR is bringing for every other industry out there? Right … Read More

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Great Applications for VR Content in Health and Wellness

VR training is a popular choice for training and education in multiple industries such as manufacturing, and emergency response, with new titles including Hazard Recognition (Construction Site), COVID-19 PPE Usage & Handwashing, and Fire Extinguisher Training. All over the world, … Read More

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Utilizing VR Content and Efficient Distribution for Culture

Companies perform best when their employees are properly trained, connected, and aligned with the vision and culture. The distribution of VR content brings siloed teams together, enhances empathy, puts employees in another person’s shoes, and places workers in environments they’ve … Read More

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How Your Organization Can Implement Virtual Reality Training

With deployment and implementation that’s easier than ever before, virtual reality (VR) is poised to redefine corporate employment training and boost business growth around the globe. If you’re interested in new training methods and have ever wondered how to implement … Read More

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PIXO and ENERGY worldnet, Inc. (EWN) Reach Partnership

Provide Extended Reality Solutions for the Energy Industry PIXO’s Extended Reality (XR) Solutions Expand EWN’s Opportunities for their Global Clientele FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality (XR) solutions company, PIXO, has announced a strategic partnership with ENERGY … Read More

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Transitioning from Old Training Methods to Virtual Reality

More and more organizations are transitioning to virtual reality (VR) as a supplementary tool for corporate training. VR training provides organizations with another avenue to train individuals through hands-on practice.  Experiential learning, the process of learning through experience or “learn … Read More

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Looking at The Pros and Cons of XR Training Content

Off-The-Shelf VS Custom Content Training and development have seen a tremendous uptick in online delivery systems during the past year, with little sign of slowing down. With more and more organizations embracing the value of work-from-home employees, how enterprises conduct … Read More