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Virtual Reality Training Solutions with Hard Hat VR

With VR, users are able to digest and retain complex information at a much higher rate. All students learn at a different pace and in different ways. Some are visual learners, others work best with hands-on stimulation or verbal commands. VR can facilitate these various learning styles and help students excel and retain vital knowledge.

Industries Served:


VR training allows users to experience dangerous situations that cannot be done in real life.


VR training for manufacturing companies help save time, money, and energy for both employer and employee.


VR safety training is a great tool to guard against workplace injuries that reduce productivity.


We provide VR training to the Energy industry that saves lives and increases productivity.

Our passion is providing immersive training experiences that save lives, reduce downtime, and increase operational performance.

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We Provide Immersive and Impactful Training Experiences Using the Power of Virtual Reality

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Why Should You Use VR Training?

VR training is proven to help increase employee retention rate to 90.48%. The same study also found that 41% fewer errors were made by those trained with VR. What this means is the gap between the time it takes to implement new employees and procedures effectively closes with VR training.

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What You'll Learn With Electrical Hazard Safety

1. Identify various electrical hazards on a worksite 2. Practice proper electrical safety techniques 3. Learn the consequences of improper electrical safety procedures

Hard Hat Scaffolding

What You'll Learn With Scaffolding Safety

1. Identify various scaffolding hazards on a worksite 2. Practice proper scaffolding safety techniques 3. Learn the consequences of improper scaffolding procedures

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