A Complete XR Solution for Enterprise.

Get the Extended Reality content you need, then distribute and manage it simply and securely on a global scale.

Scale VR, AR, and MR content globally on multiple devices.

PIXO™ makes Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies easier to use and scale than ever. Easily access, distribute, and manage XR applications across numerous endpoints and thousands of users and devices. Download content directly to headsets for a superior end-user experience for trainees, students, patients, clients, and customers.

Content. Distribution. Management. PIXO does it all.

Whether you have content or need content, PIXO gives you unprecedented power to deploy, use, and manage XR applications across your entire organization. All with a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that scales according to need.

Provision content and download it directly

Push content to potentially numerous global endpoints, and thousands of users and devices — all with one, cloud-based system.

Create and manage user profiles easily

Ensure the right people get the right content. Critically, make sure that content remains secure through authentication.

Extend and revoke permissions

As roles and responsibilities inevitably change, nimbly control user permissions and access to your organization's XR content.

Collect, sort, and view data

Gain visibility with in-depth, SCORM-compliant session data, collected, sorted, and viewed on your own custom dashboard.

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Distribute any XR content — yours, ours, or a third party's.

PIXO Apex™ provides the flexible XR content solution your organization needs. Distribute any Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality content to all the most popular XR devices.

PIXO Content Collection

Save time and money by licensing PIXO VR Original Content and other curated XR titles from our growing library.

Internally Developed Content

Already have content? Distribute and manage private or custom content simply by integrating with our web-based API.

Third-party Content

Easily integrate content developed by third parties and distribute it through our network like any other CMS.

Take control of your reality.

Before Apex™, using XR technology was too complicated. With questions ranging from content management, to hardware, to secure integration, implementation has been a logistical hassle. So the thinkers and makers and PIXO changed the rules of the game. Again. No sideloading. No hassle. Just better experiences.

We provide solutions for XR users and makers.

Whether your organization uses VR, AR, or MR technology or creates it, PIXO provides a comprehensive XR content solution. Who's adopting XR technology right now? Short answer: the world.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Whether it's assisting buyers envision themselves in a new car, helping dealerships learn to service one, or creating safer, smarter workplaces, automakers and manufacturers are leading XR users.

Construction & Engineering

From the pre-construction visualization process to training the actual workers who'll be doing the building, construction companies worldwide are looking to use VR, AR, and MR for their projects.

Universities & Education

Not only can educators benefit from using XR for classroom-based or remote instruction, students themselves are creating thousands of new XR experiences every day around the world.

Tourism & Hospitality

XR is being used to assist with numerous aspects of vacation planning, navigation, customer service, loyalty programs, and more. It can even help the memories people make on their trips last longer.

Medical & Healthcare

From providing invaluable, realistic training for surgeons, to helping patients understand medical procedures and their own bodies, XR is rapidly gaining traction in global healthcare.

XR Developers & Content Creators

VR, AR, and MR content creators worldwide are looking for solutions to help them expand their capabilities, market their products, and expand their reach in the XR marketplace.

"With their groundbreaking feature set, ability to scale to meet demand, knowledge of their market, and culture of continuous innovation, PIXO VR has been an ideal ally for HP as we lead the way in providing complete XR solutions for global business in the 21st Century."
Jay Fraser, Senior Manager for XR GTM