PIXO VR Security and Compliance

VR Training on an IT-Compliant, Open Platform

SOC 2 Compliance

PIXO VR is a SOC2 Type II certified organization. We're committed to the safety and security of our customers' data.

Single Sign-On

We offer SAML2 and OAUTH based Single-Sign-On options. Through the use of One-Time Time-Based Passcodes generated on the PIXO platform, this federation can be extended into the VR headset for a secure logon process from end to end.

User Management & Role Based Access

The PIXO Platform offers several user roles for fine grained permissions allowing your organization to easily customize access for your users.

Web Based SaaS Product

The PIXO Platform is a fully managed SaaS product. We ensure scalability and availability for our users with a 99.99% uptime. Product updates are immediately available to all users with zero downtime.

Firewalls & Intrusion Detection

PIXO uses an advanced intrusion detection system for the active monitoring of all endpoints. Data is collected in real-time to learn and adapt to new threats.

Remote Content Distribution

The PIXO app allows users to easily get access to the training content they need on their VR headset without requiring Admin or IT assistance.

Kiosk Mode

VR Headsets can be put into Kiosk Mode to restrict access on the devices to only the intended training content, simplifying the user experience and the safety of the devices.

PIXO is Trusted Across Various Industries

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