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Frequently Asked Questions

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PIXO is hardware agnostic. Our platform and content works with almost all headsets in the market. The best are those that are made for corporate use versus gaming.

Yes, all headsets are adjustable. For someone wearing glasses, you simply make the strap a bit bigger. There are also headset adjusters you can purchase for easier use with glasses.

Yes, PIXO can order headsets on your behalf. Depending on quantity, a bulk discount may be available.

If you can have a headset for every person in a training room, that makes logins much easier. If not, the minimum recommended amount for a training room with 12 trainees is to have 4 headsets.


Yes, the PIXO platform has been created to solve the challenges enterprises face when attempting to execute VR training. The platform solves the problems of hosting, global distribution, and tracking so that VR training can be integrated into your training program.

Besides being able to browse, select, and host any training content, the PIXO platform also allows trainers to manage who can use that content, distribute that content to headsets, and track the progress of training including status, completion, and scoring.

Yes, PIXO can order headsets on your behalf. Depending on quantity, a bulk discount may be available.

Yes, in fact, it doesn’t even have to be VR. PIXO can distribute any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality content — regardless of who created it.


It’s important to stick to content that is relevant to how you train today so you can seamlessly integrate VR into your training courses. Additionally, choosing multiple courses that have similar controls will help the learner adjust more quickly. Your sales and customer success representatives can help with this decision.

Yes, you can bring any existing or new content into the PIXO platform. PIXO can also help you create custom content.

Typically it takes around 14-16 weeks to build custom content. Timing and price will vary depending upon the course length and complexity of interactions. Complete the form below to talk with a sales representative about options and typical pricing.

Yes, you can bring any existing or new content into the PIXO platform. To find out how to integrate your content onto the PIXO platform, complete the form below to speak with a representative.

Yes, we can build any module to be multi-user. In fact, PIXO was the first company to develop multi-user experiences, allowing dozens of users to interact from wherever they are in the world. Today, most content already does this standard, but this feature can be added as desired for group skills.

Yes, most content allows for users to practice in various scenarios. The scenarios can also be randomized for assessments to ensure no two sessions are the same.

Not at this time, but we can accept content made with a low code/no code solution and have partners for this as needed.

Yes, off-the-shelf or new content can be customized for the desired language.

Integration and compatibility

Yes, PIXO can integrate with any LMS platform to bring your training data into one place. 

Yes, the PIXO platform currently captures XAPI and SCORM data in off-the-shelf content and can capture any type of data when building custom content.

Integration and compatibility

A small implementation takes around a week. We then meet with you monthly post-implementation to help support your program. A large implementation takes around a month with bi-weekly or monthly calls afterwards.

You will have a dedicated Customer Success Representative, Technical Support via phone or email, and access to our Support Center that has written guides and video content.

Depending on the package purchased, onsite support may be included.

Training best practices and validation

Yes, there are many companies who have identified better retention rates, better engagement, and much faster training. You can find links to VR research studies as well as company results here.

PIXO supports many enterprises in their VR training programs. Examples include: Saudi Aramco, Chick-fil-A, Bosch, Ford, General Dynamics, Bayer, Consumers Energy, GTI, and many more. You can read their stories here.

The content from any VR headset can be cast onto a monitor for the trainer to see. If a trainer has a specific need to see multiple screens, PIXO can modify the content to do this.

No, there are no limits to how many users can be trained with data collected.


The PIXO platform and its library of content has tier pricing based on the number of users. Each tier includes a certain number of off-the-shelf training courses. To discuss pricing, complete the form below to talk with a PIXO representative.

Yes, the platform and content are offered together. The platform is needed to distribute the content and manage the training courses. There are different pricing tiers for different-sized companies to accommodate the number of users and amount of content being used.

PIXO’s VR training content is only available through the PIXO platform, so in order to access the content you need a platform license as well.

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