VR Training for Quick Service Restaurants

Virtual Reality Training
for QSR's

Less Turnover, Less Waste

More Employee Engagement, More Satisfaction

In 2022, Only 54% Of QSR Employees Reached 90 Days of Working Before Quitting

Virtual Reality training better prepares workers for real-life tasks in a high volume, realistically simulated environment, making them feel empowered to do their jobs well in those first critical days

Effective Training Made Easy

Cut turnover 31% with better training in Virtual Reality

Training in Virtual Reality not only cuts turnover by 31% because it better prepares workers for real-life tasks in a safe, realistically simulated environment, but it also reduces food waste and improves crews’ performance, leading to higher employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Job satisfaction reduces turnover & saves $5,864 per employee

Job satisfaction is inversely related to turnover intention, and the cost to replace one hourly employee is $5,864. By training in VR, employees not only experience fun, gamified training, but are also easily afforded opportunities to develop more skills and cross train in other areas, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention.

92% of operators say cost of food is a significant issue

Training in a virtual environment gets crew members up to speed 4X faster and reduces food and beverage waste not only by training in a simulated environment, but also by giving learners 2.75X more confidence when performing tasks in the real world after they’ve been learned in VR.

More satisfied customers spend more

The most critical element of customer satisfaction is order accuracy. Other trainable elements: beverage quality, courtesy and helpfulness of staff, food quality, and speed of check-out or delivery. Training in a virtual environment allows for mastery before working with real customers, reducing the risk of a poor real world customer experience.

QSR Bagging Training in Virtual Reality

PIXO's Virtual Reality Features for QSR's

Order screen from a QSR

Point of Sale Engine

The PIXO-developed POS engine is designed to use real, randomized order data to accurately train in various levels of customer density in any training module.

Virtual leaderboard


The PIXO-developed leaderboard gamifies the training by adding a fun, competitive element that helps improve engagement and employee satisfaction.

Food chute QSR

Chute Configurator

The PIXO-developed chute configurator allows each restaurant to customize their bagging area for a true-to-life experience training in bagging accuracy.

Food prep station qsr

Custom Environment & Trackable Training

PIXO creates your environment and works with you to ensure training is up to brand standards. Your training is deployed and tracked through the PIXO platform.

Ready to implement VR training?

The PIXO Platform Makes it Easy to Manage and Track Training Across Locations


Browse and select the VR training content for your stores.


Manage content permissions to specific stores, groups, and Team Members.


Wirelessly deploy VR content to any headset at any store in one easy step.


Track progress of training including status, completion and scoring, by store, groups or Team Member.


Integrate data with Learning Management Systems with our API.

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