VR Training for Meditation and Mindfulness

Improve Corporate Mindfulness with Virtual Reality

New Realities in 21st Century Workforce Training

Improve Corporate Mindfulness with Virtual Reality

Safety training and construction skills training with VR has been proven to improve learner recall accuracy, learning retention, and takes less time to train. And companies using VR for safety training have seen less safety incidents and qualitatively have noted that trainees actually enjoy the training.

Using VR for Corporate Mindfulness Programs Results In:

Stress Reduction

Mindfulness practices, such as breathing meditation, are associated with decreased gray-matter density in the amygdala, the region of the brain that initiates a response to stress.

Strategic Thinking

Mindfulness increases short-term memory and the ability to perform complex cognitive tasks. It also helps them with strategic decision making and collaboration.

Better Focus

The regular practice of mindfulness training can reduce mental wandering and distraction. Meditation training has also been proven to benefit overall mental health.

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With PIXO, organizations can increase employee wellness and performance with meditation practice through virtual reality. By adding mindfulness content, HR leaders can truly deliver effective behavioral change.

PIXO VR makes it easy to start a mindfulness meditation program. Explore our catalog of mindfulness content.

VR for Corporate Wellness is Positively Impacting Employee Mental Health

Building a culture of corporate mindfulness is an important part of keeping productivity high and employees happy. This is critical at a time when workforce retention is a top priority for HR leaders. Virtual reality (VR) technology can be used to bring mindfulness training into the workplace. Meditation and mindfulness classes have various proven benefits for participants including open-mindedness, heightened cognitive ability, and better focus when approaching work or training.

VR for corporate wellness provides a unique opportunity for team members to practice meditation and mindfulness techniques such as breathing, meditation, and self improvement. The headset provides an immersive experience that helps them relax and experience a temporary escape from work stress.

Research studies on utilizing virtual reality have proven that skills taught using VR are faster to learn and that trainees feel more confident to apply the skills they learned. With many organizations bringing virtual reality training into the workplace, it makes sense that they would also extend this technology to increase productivity and wellness.

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PIXO VR for Corporate Wellness: Creating Workplace Positivity and Productivity

PIXO VR helps companies develop mindful team members with virtual reality content and software. PIXO provides a marketplace of meditation classes self-improvement exercises like The Meditation Space, The Breathing Space, and The Wisdom Space. PIXO and its content partners create guided experiences that engage your employees and teach them important skills for reducing stress and gaining clarity. PIXO can also help companies who have very specific mindfulness requests to create custom VR content appropriate for their needs.

VR headsets and content are a great addition to your wellness efforts. Headsets can be used remotely at any location—allowing employees to absorb content at their location when they need it most.

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All VR content through PIXO comes with robust data tracking and reporting metrics on use and effectiveness. This data gives HR leaders the visibility they need to create demonstrable change in areas like performance, stress reduction, and retention.

Mindfulness Courses That Actually Change Behavior

Adding VR experiences to corporate programs is a simple way to get your employees wellness training that is immersive and incredibly effective. And it is simple to deploy and administer. Headsets can be sent to each office and content can be loaded remotely with use data tracked and presented in a dashboard. Team members can practice mindfulness in any office or conference room, yet feel like they are in a completely different space.

Learning with VR has been proven to improve recall accuracy, retention, and takes less time to train. And companies using VR for training have noted that workers actually enjoy the training and 95% would recommend it to their colleagues.

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