Encourage employee self-improvement with VR reflection training

Corporate mindfulness training is rapidly growing in popularity as organizations work to retain employees and build mindful cultures. Virtual reality (VR) is an incredibly effective tool to deliver safe, immersive experiences that can help employees learn virtual reflection. Employees can choose specific areas for self-improvement and regularly receive fresh content for continuous development.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 2, 3, HTC Vive, Focus Plus, Focus 3
What You'll Learn

Mindfulness programs including VR reflection training have been shown to have a wide variety of positive impacts on individuals and the corporate culture they work in. Here are some of the results experienced when regularly using VR for corporate mindfulness training and self reflection.

  • Less sick days – Dealing with fatigue is a common topic of self reflection that employees look for help overcoming. With tips and mindful practices from The Wisdom Space, employees feel more refreshed and need less time off from work to recover from burnout.
  • Continual learning – Another common self reflection pathway is to find ways to keep learning. This is a powerful area for employee self improvement that teaches them how to keep learning at their jobs—which means improved job performance.
  • Reduced frustration – Many employees today feel isolated and uncomfortable asking for help. This results in frustration and can eventually mean losing good employees. The Wisdom Space provides best practices for asking others for help and reducing frustration.

The VR Experience

Weekly Wisdom is a VR program that is dedicated to reflection and self-discovery. This content is updated regularly to provide employees with new stories and discussions to guide them into their self- improvement pathways. Topics covered include: dealing with fatigue, asking for help, and how to keep learning. Employees can enter the virtual reflection training as often as desired to self-reflect and learn within their chosen areas of self-improvement.


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