The PIXO Platform

VR Employee Training Programs Are Growing Rapidly in Enterprises

PIXO has the platform that enables you to manage and orchestrate VR programs globally across multiple organizations

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With PIXO's End-to-End VR Training Platform, You Can:


Browse and select the best VR training content for your organizations.


Manage content permissions to specific orgs, groups, and users.


Wirelessly deploy VR content to any headset in the world.


Track progress of training including status, completion and scoring.


Integrate data with Learning Management Systems with our API.

It's Official: One Step User and Content Management Is Here

The PIXO Platform:

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Other VR Platforms:

How other MDM solutions work

What You Can Expect From the PIXO Platform:

User Management

✅  Assign users to Org Units for easier management and
reporting rollups

✅  Email or unique username can be used

✅  Map users back to LMS or Corporate User Registry by adding an “External ID”

✅  Role based permissions: Student, Training Manager, Admin

✅  Security Groups - Grant access to training content via group enrollment

Content Management

✅  Automated delivery of training content to headsets

✅  Curated content based on user specific access

✅  Eliminates the need for sideloading or content
juggling via an MDM

✅  Open to hosting content from any developer

✅  Ability to assign courses, assign due dates, and monitor progress and competition 

Platform Login Options

✅  Standard Login: Platform username/password combo, password encrypted at rest and in transit

✅  SAML2.0: IdP Initiated Federation, SP Initiated Federation, Certificate Encryption

✅  OAuth: Google Partner Login, Apple Partner Login, more available upon request

Reporting Analytics

✅  User and Module Based Reporting

✅  Org Unit Comparisons

✅  Date Range Filtering

API Integration

✅  Integrate LMS, Data Warehouse or internal
analytics with API access

✅  GraphQL based API for open access to data models

✅  Token based authentication

✅  Full documentation and API Access Key generation
available directly on the PIXO Platform

Ready to get started?

PIXO Gets You Access to a Vast VR Training Content Library

The PIXO platform is host to VR training content made by VR content creators throughout the world. This means that a wide range of standard employee training content from hard skills, soft skills, and meditation + mindfulness is at the click of a button for you to provide to your organizations.

PIXO Apex downloads data

PIXO Allows You to Manage Unlimited Organizations and Programs

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The PIXO platform enables parent/child management of VR programs. This means that companies offering VR training services can provide PIXO as a part of its offering. With various admin levels, you can take control of permissioning content to the appropriate organizations, groups, and users.

PIXO Sends Content Wirelessly to Any Headset in the World

PIXO has a free app that employees can use to grab their assigned training content and upload it wirelessly to their VR headset. PIXO’s content works on any headset, regardless of model, which makes the technical hurdles of VR worry-free for program administrators.

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PIXO Provides Deep Insight Into Training Data at All Levels

VR Training Tracking

The PIXO platform automatically tracks training progress at every stage—from headset upload through to completion. Program administrators will be able to see how users are doing with the content, time spent doing training, scores from training assessments, and a host of other data points. This information can be seen by user, group, organization, or across all of your programs.

The PIXO platform API Allows Simple Integration Into Learning Management Systems

With the PIXO API, all of the incredible data from PIXO’s platform can flow right into existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide a holistic view of training program performance. The API is simple to use and works with any LMS.

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PIXO Allows Organizations to Overcome Traditional Training Barriers

New Jersey Natural Gas logo

Before adopting VR Training, New Jersey Natural Gas mainly conducted employee training in classrooms where the instructor provided pointers for what to do in a real-life situation. But the company wanted a progressive solution that could scale with its advancing needs. The ‘classroom’ simply didn’t allow for live training to be performed.

Two years after adopting PIXO VR’s solution, the organization is capturing benefits and delivering on its objectives. To date, realized benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility to train in unsafe environments
  • Overcoming training barriers with various age demographics
  • Achieving higher engagement and educational reach with visual learners 
“We wanted our company to exemplify the world-class standard in training. We wanted it to be something that could show our employees that we have different training options and that we’re not just sitting around drawing on a chalkboard or looking at pictures on a screen. We wanted to make sure that we could show them and help them prepare for tasks in the field with hands-on experience.”
Connor Wells, Training Specialist
New Jersey Natural Gas

PIXO Allows Enterprises to Reap the Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

43% reduction in workplace injuries

Mining Research Study

70% higher scores on workplace tests

Walmart Internal Study

75% reduction in training time

Boeing Internal Study

30% increase in employee satisfaction

Walmart Internal Study

94% of trainees asked for more VR content

Intel Internal Study

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