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PIXO has innovated groundbreaking Extended Reality (XR) solutions for enterprise since 2016, when we introduced multi-user VR to the world. We believe in the power of XR technology to unlock potential and improve people's lives.
distributing vr training content

Distributing Your VR Training Content

So, you’ve hired your new team members. Now the hard part: properly training them in a purely online setting. VR training solutions have the power to make your workforce safer, your products better, and your employees more engaged.  To help

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vr content distribution

Utilizing VR Content and Efficient Distribution for Culture

Companies perform best when their employees are properly trained, connected, and aligned with the vision and culture. The distribution of VR content brings siloed teams together, enhances empathy, puts employees in another person’s shoes, and places workers in environments they’ve

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PIXO enters enterprise XR market, introduces multi-user VR, scenario randomization, real-time reporting


First VR Training title added to PIXO Content Collection — PIXO VR Hazard Recognition


PIXO Authorized Reseller and Content Partner programs launched


PIXO Apex™ platform launched, revolutionizing XR content distribution, use, and management

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Natural Gas Industry CASE STUDY

Enterprises across the natural gas industry worldwide are increasingly turning to cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) Training technology to help them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to workplace innovation, employee safety, and improved processes. Recently, Atmos Energy Corporation, New Jersey Natural Gas, and Peoples Gas found themselves in the same situation and were ready to make a change. These industry leaders needed to solve their workforce training challenges with 21st-century technology that’s easily scalable and offers a competitive advantage for field employee training and development.

Client Use Case

With a global network of dealerships, Ford Motor Company hired Bosch to ensure their technicians are properly trained to provide service and maintenance on the company's most advanced original equipment. But shipping state-of-the-art hardware around the world for training requires time, logistical support, and insurance costs. Perhaps more importantly, providing uniform training on a massive scale presents significant challenges of its own. Bosch approached PIXO to create a VR Training solution to solve these challenges, allowing them to provide more engaging, efficient, and effective training for technicians, all without the risk and expense of shipping sensitive equipment to far-flung destinations. Based on the success of this project, Ford expanded their VR Training program to include their flagship Battery Electric Vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E.

Client Use Case

GTI (Gas Technology Institute) is the leading R&D and training organization for the North American natural gas industry. GTI approached PIXO to help make residential gas meter inspection — one of the first and most important trainings for new hires — more cost-effective and efficient to conduct. Using scenario randomization and functional, simulated real-world tools, Inside Meter Inspection now allows trainees to inspect virtually endless meter configurations for potential leaks, corrosion, evidence of tampering, and other defects known as AOCs (Abnormal Operating Conditions), allowing trainees to obtain a career’s worth of job experience in mere days. Critically, all this is now being accomplished without the expensive and time-consuming supervisor ride-alongs that once were needed, saving time, money, and providing qualitatively superior training experiences.


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