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How to Bring Virtual Reality Into Your Employee Training Program

Wondering how to get started with virtual reality training? Read and download PIXO’s whitepaper to learn the six most common reasons companies are adopting virtual reality for training employees. 

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5 Ways VR Training Helps Companies Even in an Economic Downturn

If economic conditions worsen, it is likely your budgets will be cut, which will magnify the above problems you’re already facing. We’ve grouped the case points around five major benefits of VR training that the companies we’ve worked for are looking for and eventually realize with VR training.

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11 Enterprises Creating Value with Innovation Projects

One of the most common innovation projects that enterprises have launched in the past 5 years is virtual reality (VR). Unfortunately, many companies have struggled with bringing VR permanently into operations to experience the full value. 

This whitepaper showcases VR innovation projects that are making an impact on revenue by solving 7 main problems

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A Board of Directors’ Guide to Using Virtual Reality (VR) to Increase Shareholder Value and Profitability

If you’re a member of a corporate Board of Directors, you’re probably aware that Virtual Reality (VR) has progressed well beyond the science fantasy of the Matrix movies. In the past two decades, VR has become a useful tool for many enterprises, especially in specialized training (e.g. ship building, pigging, car mechanic training) and digital design (e.g. for architects, automotive vehicle designers, etc.).

In this white paper, we take an in-depth look at how today’s companies are using VR and its associated technologies – Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – and how your company can use it to achieve common business goals.

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