VR Training for Workplace Safety

Safety and Skills Training That Actually Changes Behavior

Safety training with VR has been proven to improve learner recall accuracy, learning retention, and takes less time to train. And companies using VR for workplace safety training have seen less safety incidents and qualitatively have noted that workers actually enjoy the training.

VR Training Course Users Are :

4x faster to train compared to classroom training

2.75x more confident to apply skills learned after training

3.75x more connected to content than classroom learners

4x more focused than e-learning peers

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VR Is Improving Training Outcomes and Keeping Employees Engaged

Safety is paramount in the workplace today. Whether you’re in a retail store stocking shelves, on a manufacturing floor, a construction site, or working the fryer at a local restaurant, there are always hazards. With a fast-aging workforce, and shrinking pool of qualified workers to replace them, suffering through an ineffective safety training program is a recipe for waste, added expense, and costly mistakes. That said, training for workplace safety does not need to be complicated.

There hasn’t been much change in safety training over the past few decades and younger employees aren’t a fan of classroom training. Companies need a more engaging and effective training solution, and VR (virtual reality) can provide that. Virtual reality studies have proven that VR training is highly engaging, reduces the time needed to train, and provides real-world experience without real-world risk.

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PIXO VR Safety Training: Your Blueprint for a Safe Workplace

PIXO VR helps companies meet OSHA standards while quickly onboarding new employees. PIXO provides a marketplace of standard VR safety training like Fall Protection, Lockout / Tagout, and CPR. It also has industry-specific offerings like Gas Leak Response, Construction Site Hazard Recognition, and First Responder Training. PIXO and its VR partners create VR experiences that engage your employees, while giving them what feels like a real-life experience—which is a powerful learning environment. PIXO can also help companies who have very specific equipment or unique procedures create VR training appropriate for their needs.

VR is a great addition to your employee training program. VR works well with existing training when it is used to break up a long day of classroom training. It can also be used remotely—allowing employees to absorb content at their location in smaller chunks when they have the time.

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VR content through PIXO comes with robust data tracking and reporting metrics on training effectiveness. This data gives Health and Safety Directors the visibility they need to set the proper standards for safety and compliance in the workplace, minimizing risks and mistakes, and reducing the potential for OSHA fines and lawsuits.

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