Identifying Hazards in the Workplace

Workplace Safety VR Training will teach you to identify factors that make the work unsafe and how to eliminate them.

Identifying Hazards in the Workplace VR Training is a cutting-edge technology that allows employees to experience potential hazards and safety protocols in a virtual environment. This immersive training method enables employees to learn and practice safety procedures in a safe and controlled environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. You will have to find hazards in the industrial environment around different workplaces, pay attention to the procedure for compliance with labor protection requirements and several applicable technical and administrative measures of labor protection requirements (for example, mandatory PPE, monitor temperature exposure limits, and protective measures for exposure to harmful and hazardous industrial factors).

The training takes place in the warehouse with the equipment.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Focus 3, Pico Neo 3, 4, HTC Vive
What You'll Learn

You will identify hazards around different workplaces:

  • PPEs
  • heat exposure
  • broken and modified tools
  • work of pregnant women
  • children at the site
  • insufficient illumination conditions

In the Training and Exam modes, these hazards will be randomized, helping you learn the hazards better.

The VR Experience

The user appears in the middle of the warehouse, surrounded by workers, objects, and working equipment. You will be able to roam around the workplaces and people, inspect them, and notify if there is a hazard. There is a big checklist on the wall showing possible hazards. It is fully visible only in Learning mode. In the Training and Exam modes hazards are randomized.

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