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Health And Safety VR Training For Industrial Application

We create the digital interactive training packages in the form of VR simulators, in strict compliance with the current regulations, from learning techniques to the simulator delivery.

Health And Safety VR Training For Industrial Application:

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The VR advantage:


faster to train than in the classroom.


more confident to apply skills learned after training.


more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners.


more focused than their e-learning peers.

We offer the standardized solutions and tailored simulators for HSE, as well as occupational learning to enhance the efficiency of training departments.

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We provide training, error and learning time statistics to improve the quality of employee training.

Ready for a training that is proven to be more effective than classroom and e-learning? Add GWPro to your PIXO Content Pack today.

Main Benefits of Our Modules

Lockout tagout being performed on a machine
A simulated construction site with a worker simulating hot work
– Straightforward and easy-to understand learning process
– Every module has maximum 30 minutes timeline in Learning Mode
– One-button experience for all ages and VR-novice workers
– Multi-language explanations for all steps and mistakes
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