Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly Training)

Learn how to safely and efficiently build wedge scaffolding

In the VR training Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly Training) you will be instructed how to build wedge scaffolding with proper tools and parts. You will start from the location preparation, then you will build three levels of scaffolding with the help of your co-worker. You will have the scaffolding with the green tag as the result of your work.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 3, 4, HTC Vive, HTC Focus 3
What You'll Learn

In the VR Simulator you will appear in the construction site. You will learn how to:

  • Build several levels of wedge scaffolding step-by-step and with proper instruments.
  • The training includes preparation with documents, work permit, taping the perimeter, and preparation of the tools needed.
  • After that you will build wedge scaffolding from the scratch up to the third level. In the end you will tag it with the green tag and pass scaffolding to the site supervisor.

Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly VR Training) was developed for professionals by professionals (including NEBOSH certified HSE). It is suitable for a wide variety of workers.

The VR Experience

In the VR simulator, the user will prepare the site, tools, construct three levels of the wedge scaffolding, control the horizontal level of the scaffolding parts, and mark the scaffolding as ready for use. The second member of the team will help with the task.

The simulator begins with the work permit and the task, collecting and placing the necessary tools on the belt and taping the perimeter. Then the user learns to build scaffolding levels and verticals step by step, controlling the correctness of the construction.

We will use the safety harness for working at height, a hammer drill to create anchor points, and ladders for easy movement.

Scaffolding will be erected and inspected according to the standards and tagged as ready for use.

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