Arc Flash (Flashover)

Prevent and learn how to be safe during an arc flash situation 

In the VR Simulator you will experience 2 different situations, where you need to stay safe from the Arc Flash while doing your job. You will work in a classroom and in an industrial environment as an electrician. In each situation you will have to understand the task, working conditions and the wiring diagram, choose appropriate personal protective equipment, check the voltage, work with different meter modes, lockout tagout electrical equipment and much more. The VR Simulator includes 2 different modules with Learning, Training and Exam mode each.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 3, 4, Focus 3, HTC Vive
What You'll Learn

In the VR module you will act as an electrician in 2 different situations.

You will learn to:

  • Choose proper PPEs
  • Use the meter
  • Lockout tagout the equipment
  • Barricade the perimeter
  • Understand the arc flash safety

In one module you will have the task to replace the power outlet on the wall. In the second you will be working with more powerful equipment such as an electric pump.

The VR Experience

You choose what module you will be experiencing. After that you choose one of three modes: Learning, Training, and Exam.

Then you will read the work permit, that has a scheme and the task. After that you will inspect the warning labels, your work permit objectives, and understand what type of arc flash is possible.

Then you will choose proper PPEs, tools, check everything and start lockout tagout process.

During the lockout tagout you’ll provide tests for voltage and electrcial field, make sure all conditions are safe. You will completely shutdown the piece of the equipment.

If you make a mistake in Training and Exam mode – the arc flash will happen.

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