Low Voltage Rescue

Keep workers safe with this realistic way to assess low voltage rescue

Supplementing a low voltage rescue training program with a virtual reality assessment is a proven way to improve safety outcomes and ensure that workers are truly prepared to handle an electrocution emergency in the workplace. This virtual low voltage rescue assessment is used in coordination with a refresher low voltage rescue course online to assess and accredit employees on low voltage rescue.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 2, 3, 4, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, HTC Focus Plus 3, Lenovo VRX
What You'll Learn

Participants taking this virtual reality assessment will have completed a low voltage rescue training course within the last two years. This VR experience serves as part of a refresher course. Participants will do a refresher low voltage rescue course online, then have the option of completing the assessment in virtual reality with this low voltage rescue VR training and assessment. Participants will use a hands-on approach to reviewing and demonstrating their knowledge of:

  • Preparing the worksite
  • Performing a low voltage rescue
  • Contacting emergency services
  • Properly following up after the rescue is complete

The VR Experience

At the beginning of this scenario, the user is placed in a warehouse, where they are a safety observer while their colleague does an equipment swap out on an energized cabinet. Throughout the scenario, the user should follow their “Safety Checklist”, which is located on a whiteboard to the left of the user. The user’s first step will be to identify any hazards and remove them from the area. Once all hazards are removed, the user needs to place the safety bollards and identify exits. Next, the user can select and inspect the equipment that they need for the job, including a safety check on gloves. The colleague begins the equipment swap out for the energized cabinet, which results in the colleague getting electrocuted from the panel and becoming unresponsive. The user can then begin performing a low voltage rescue, and must contact emergency services through their smartwatch. Once emergency services are on their way, the user should turn off the power switch and begin to rescue their colleague by grabbing their rescue crook, pulling the colleague off the cabinet, and then pull them a few feet away from the cabinet and properly apply and use a fire blanket. For accreditation purposes the user will need to go through the assessment a second time, so the scene will be reset and the user will go through the scenario one more time before completing their assessment. This is a pass-fail course. If users make mistakes during the evaluation they will be provided the opportunity to correct their errors and continue with the evaluation, however mistakes will be tracked and making enough errors along the way will cause the user to fail. 

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