Outside Gas Leak Investigation

Safely asses utility workers on outside gas leak investigation

Simulating the various scenarios that utility field workers need to be trained in for outside gas leak investigation is near impossible—except with virtual reality (VR). This VR simulation puts employees into a neighborhood where they will need to investigate possible gas leaks outside buildings. They must find, identify the source, and take appropriate steps to resolve leaks.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, Linux, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

This outside gas leak investigation VR assessment requires employees to use real life training and methods in the virtual environment to identify and rectify any hazards, leaks, or incorrect/improper safety procedures and warnings. If a leak is found, the learner will report and /or fix said leak in the proper method for it’s Leak Grade, as well as staying at the scene until either the leak is fixed or another team has arrived to correct the problem. Users will learn and be assessed on:

  • Safety Inspection – Notifying and dealing with hazards or issues with safety devices.
  • Leak Investigation – Finding any leaks and their source. 
  • Leak Classification – Properly classifying the leak grade and responding appropriately.
  • Leak MarkingUsing provided tools to mark and tag the leak. 
  • Reporting – Taking the appropriate steps towards resolution and appropriately reporting and documenting the findings.’

The VR Experience

The virtual reality experience for this outside gas leak investigation training begins with the user entering a neighborhood. A work order will appear detailing where a gas smell was reported. After verifying the work order information, the user begins a leak investigation using sight, sound, questioning people at the location, and using appropriate tools. Throughout the investigation, the user should report all AOCs and hazards identified. Once a leak is found, the user will assess leak migration potential by taking CGI readings at centerline, sewer manholes, catch basins, and utility vaults. If the user finds gas near a building wall or centerline sewer, the user should request assistance, check all buildings for gas, and vent immediately. Next, the user moves on to leak classification and takes appropriate actions. Finally, the user can repair the leak. Once this is complete, the user should recheck all areas and submit final documentation. The user will then be taken to a grading room, shown their results and given a passing or failing score. If the user wishes to, they can revisit the map they explored to review what they missed.

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