Facility Locating and Marking

Ensure gas field workers can properly locate and mark gas lines

This virtual reality (VR) gas field worker training assesses their ability to independently locate and mark underground pipelines. Workers will enter various facility scenarios and demonstrate their ability to properly address any Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) and hazards impeding work. Workers must determine the location of the pipes and take the appropriate steps to mark and document their location.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Linux, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

Gas field workers will use real life training and methods in the virtual environment to locate underground pipelines, mark them properly, and identify any AOCs. Some facilities may be incorrectly mapped; or be installed on angle through a yard or across a street. During this entire process, trainees are exposed to unsafe situations, access restrictions, and different (AOC’s).

This training and assessment includes:

  • Proper Identification of Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) and Hazards Effectively recognizing, reporting, and dealing with AOCs and hazards before work begins.
  • Locating – Finding the underground gas pipeline using appropriate tools for conductive and inductive location methods.
  • Marking – Marking the location of the pipes with flags and validating findings match the facility map.
  • Reporting – Properly reporting and documenting steps taken, findings, and problem resolution.

The VR Experience

This field work assessment starts with an orientation video for employees to adapt to the VR environment. After the video, users will enter one of the facility scenarios and be given a work order to review. The user must confirm their location. Next they must demonstrate their knowledge of abnormal operating conditions training by recognizing and reporting the AOCs present and take appropriate actions to remove them as needed. Once the AOCs are cleared, the user must locate the facilities using a Dynatel pipe locating tool from their virtual toolbox. The user needs to perform multiple scans and compare location results. If not similar, a different conductor should be used or the inductive locate method. Verify findings with a depth measurement. Next, the user must mark the facilities using flags. Markings should be checked to ensure they match the facility map. Once complete, the user enters a virtual grading room where they can see their performance scores and review what was missed.

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