Inside Meter Inspection

Onboard the next generation of field technicians with confidence.

One of the first skills new field technicians in the natural gas industry learn is how to perform a gas meter safety inspection. Until now, getting new hires up to speed has been a difficult and time-consuming process requiring supervised ride-alongs. PIXO VR Inside Gas Meter Inspection was designed to truncate the time needed to learn this essential skill, providing trainees with a career’s worth of practical job experience in just days or even hours.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest, HTC Focus+, HTC VIVE
What You'll Learn
  • Locate gas meter(s) and verify work orders
    After arriving at the scene, trainees’ first job is to locate the gas meter itself. Upon finding it, they must then check the meter’s registration number against their work order.
  • Use simulated tools to inspect for leaks and damage
    Use functioning, simulated real-world tools to inspect gas meters for possible leaks, signs of metal corrosion, damage to components, or evidence of tampering.
  • Check results with real-time scoring
    Real-time reporting gives trainees the benefit of actionable, immediate feedback and provides training managers insight into trainee capabilities.
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