Adult and Infant CPR Training

Keep corporate safety teams confident to perform adult and infant CPR in an emergency

PIXO VR CPR Training provides corporate first responders with an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience for reviewing and demonstrating their CPR knowledge and skills. The VR evaluation uses a virtual overlay over a real world CPR mannequin for greater realism and a hands on approach. This training includes area survey, victim evaluation, emergency contact, and correctly performing CPR on adults or infants.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, Pico Neo 2
What You'll Learn

This virtual reality CPR training course is used to assess CPR knowledge after completing in-person or online training on CPR procedures and techniques. The VR CPR training assessment includes:

  • Separate scenarios for testing adult and infant CPR skills
  • Multiple CPR training scenarios
  • Immersive skill checks for 9 steps of the CPR process
  • Real-world feedback with the VR overlay that fits real mannequins

The VR Experience

The virtual reality training breaks down the important life-saving steps to perform when face-to-face with a medical emergency. Within the VR training experience the user is tested on the following skills: hazard identification, checking the colleague for a response, contacting emergency services, checking for breathing, assessing airways, moving them into recovery position, clearing the airway and rechecking, then checking for breathing. Additional resuscitation training is done with the mannequin including chest compression and CPR cycles. The training also includes defibrillator use on adults undergoing cardiac arrest. CPR training for infants is also included in the virtual reality simulations. For each VR component in the training, the user gets two chances to complete each step correctly in order to pass the training and demonstrate their ability to correctly perform CPR and basic life support for workplace emergencies.

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