Journey Management Training

Keep travelers safe with vehicle inspection and survival training for desert journeys

This journey management training uses virtual reality (VR) to prepare employees for desert travel. This fully immersive experience puts users into life-like desert experiences for better retention and real-world assessment of survival skills. VR has been proven to be more effective for teaching skills and behaviors that can’t be taught in a classroom. And learning with VR costs less than video or classroom training. This journey management VR scenario will teach users the safety principles of vehicle inspection and traveling though the desert.

Headset Availability:
HTC Vive
What You'll Learn

Participants using this VR vehicle inspection training content will access two environments—garage and desert. The virtual reality experience trains users on inspection of vehicles and critical survival processes for desert journeys. Within these life-like environments they will learn:

  • Proper safety inspection of the vehicle
  • What equipment and materials are needed for completing a desert journey
  • The metrics to watch and report about their journey
  • How to survive challenges encountered during desert trips

The VR Experience

Users will begin their journey management training in an immersive, simulated Garage environment. They will need to execute journey management planning by collecting the appropriate supplies for a journey through the desert. They will also need to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle to look for possible defects. During this virtual vehicle inspection users are taught how be vehicle inspectors, looking for issues that could cause issues in a desert environment. Once the inspection is complete, users will begin their desert journey and complete a series of challenges. These challenges include: entering the desert, approaching and going down a dune in your car, getting your car stuck in the sand, and getting lost in the desert. The performance of the inspector during the inspection of the vehicle may play a role in the challenges faced. After completing the inspection and challenge experience, the user will receive a score from their performance during the preparation and challenge sections of the journey management and vehicle inspection. Passing scores will achieve certification in this desert journey management course.

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