Pipeline Pigging Trainer

Learn how to conduct pipeline pigging using a cleaning pig on a 12-inch gas line.

The objective of this module is to have students and users be able to apply classroom knowledge in a safe virtual environment. The stated purpose of this module is to let users’ prep, launch and recover a cleaning pig from a gas pipeline.

Headset Availability:
Pico Neo 3, Lenovo VRX
What You'll Learn

In Pipeline Pigging Trainer a user to conduct a pig operation using a cleaning pig on a 12-inch gas line. The user will have to go through all of the operational steps of preparing, launching, and then receiving the pig. Some steps will be skipped, and the user will be alerted to this so as not to be on the lookout to attempt them.

  • Pig Launching System
  • Detailed Step System to Launch and Recover the Pig
  • Review Room displaying steps Passed and Failed
  • Data Tracking on PIXO VR Platform
  • Radio Communication

The VR Experience

Scenario 1

  • Check in with Station Control
  • Configure Valves
  • Activate Nitrogen Bottles
  • Open Launcher Door
  • Insert Pig into Pipeline
  • Configure Valves
  • Call Checkpoint 1, 2, and 3
  • Configure Valves
  • Report Pig Speed
  • Contact Station Control
  • Transfer to the Receiving Station

Scenario 2

  • Configure Valves
  • Place Tarp
  • Configure Valves
  • Open Receiving Door
  • Remove Pig from the barrel
  • Contact Station Control
  • End of Experience
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