Electrical Substation Maintenance

Learn and train critical safety procedures in an electrical substation.

In Electrical Safety, use the proper skills, techniques, and tools to safely service and maintain electrical panels at an electrical substation. But be sure to stay alert and engaged at all times — arc flashes can be unpredictable…and deadly.

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What You'll Learn
  • Isolation of panels and Lockout/Tagout procedure
    Learn and practice critical safety protocols for isolation of panels and proper LOTO procedures.
  • Rack Out procedure training
    Disconnect a circuit so it can’t conduct electric power where work is being performed.
  • Practice with simulated real-world tools
    Learn and train on the use of safety tools such as an audio/visual non-contact voltage detector and discharge stick.
  • Arc Flash safety protocols and response
    Challenge trainees on their knowledge of what to do in the event of a dangerous arc flash.
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