Electrical Substation Maintenance

Ensure workers have the capability to safely perform substation maintenance

This virtual reality (VR) training for electrical safety provides maintenance crews with a safe way to practice maintaining substation equipment while reacting to hazards in a realistic virtual environment. The trainee will learn appropriate use of safety PPE, electrical panel rack out, fuse removal, and arc flash boundary determination. The electrical safety scenarios are based on OSHA guidelines. Employees learn step-by-step the proper skills, techniques, and tools and are assessed on using them at sub-stations to avoid electrical accidents.

Headset Availability:
What You'll Learn

This virtual reality maintenance training includes six different learning modules for maintenance training:

  • Electrical safety training – this is a complete lesson with user guidance system
  • Electrical safety PPE training – learn and apply how to select, inspect, don, and doff the appropriate protective equipment
  • Electrical panel rack out training – learn and practice rack out procedure
  • Electrical LT panel fuse removal training – learn and apply panel isolation and performing lockout / tagout
  • Arc flash training – learn how to determine incident energy values and arch flash boundaries
  • Evaluation module – test user skills in complete electrical isolation

The VR Experience

Using the VR headset and technology puts trainees in an immersive environment performing virtual, yet life-like, on-the-job maintenance of substation equipment. The VR training for electrical safety allows trainees to pick appropriate tools, place them in their virtual tool box, and later select and use those tools as needed. VR trainees will learn and practice critical safety protocols for isolation of panels and proper lockout/tagout procedures. They will be challenged to disconnect a circuit so it can’t conduct electric power where work is being performed. The platform will help workers learn and train on the use of safety tools such as an audio/visual non-contact voltage detector and discharge stick. They will also review arc flash safety protocols and will be challenged on their knowledge of what to do in the event of a dangerous arc flash. Trainees will be scored on their performance during the VR experience and will be able to review their scores in real-time.

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