First Responder Operations (Hazmat) Train Derailment

Assess and secure a hazardous material train derailment as a first responder

Act as an Awareness, Operations, and Technician Specialist to contain an active fire and hazardous materials spill following a train derailment Make use of the Ask Rail app, as well as the ERG 2020 guide, to ensure multiple different material scenarios are assessed and secured

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Vive, Linux, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn
  • Identifying Hazards:
    • Proper Application of the ERG (Emergency Response Guidebook 2020)
    • Hazard Material Identification using Application
  • Appropriate Application of Response Actions and Hazard Management
    • Uniform Selection
    • Equipment Usage Based on Situation
  • Evacuation Zone Declaration

The VR Experience 

In this virtual module, participants will have access to a simulated train derailment scene, where hazardous materials are present. Users will have to employ their knowledge of hazardous materials and keen observation to identify hazards, analyze vulnerabilities and provide the appropriate first response measures.

Trainees will be able to choose between single player, or multiplayer. Once this is chosen, trainees will be able to select from the following scenario features:

  1. Spill / No Spill
  2. Day / Night
  3. Fire / No Fire
  4. Hazardous materials:
    1. Crude Oil
    2. Chlorine
    3. Liquid Propane Gas
    4. Sulphuric Acid
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