Ensure worker safety when using ladders in the workplace

This online ladder safety training provides employees with the ability to practice ladder safety in a hazard-free virtual environment. Trainees will receive a non-trade oriented task, such as hanging a sign, or changing a lightbulb and proceed to evaluate the work area for potential hazards, determine the type of ladder needed, do a ladder inspection, and proceed to perform the task. The training assesses employees on their placement, and avoiding OSHA ladder hazards, such as reaching or leaning.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 2, 3, 4, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, HTC Focus 3, Lenovo VRX
What You'll Learn

This ladder safety course is both a training and an assessment where they are evaluated and graded on OSHA procedures. This VR simulation includes:

  • How to survey the work area, isolate any hazards, and determine the height needed
  • How to select and ensure the safety of the correct ladder for the task
  • How to set up the ladder for safe use
  • How to properly climb the ladder and use it safely

The VR Experience

The online ladder safety training begins with a task assignment that requires use of a ladder to complete. The trainee will survey the area to determine if any safety hazards are present and the height of the ladder they will need to perform the task. Next they make a ladder selection, including material and height, where a site survey will alert the user to make corrections if needed. The next requirement is for trainees to look for damage, correct markings, and determine if it is safe for use. Trainees then deploy the ladder in the environment per its intended design. Trainees then are evaluated on how they climb hand-over-hand, stay within the confines of the rails, and stop at least 1-2 rungs form the top. If significant errors are made, the safety training will simulate an injury. Upon completion of this training, trainees are shown their grade and what they did wrong. Trainees can reenter the training to correct mistakes and earn their certificate of completion.

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