Practice ladder safety in a virtual environment!

The Ladder safety module will provide the user with the ability to practice ladder safety in a safe virtual environment, users will receive a non-trade oriented task, such as hanging a sign, or changing a lightbulb and proceed to inspect the work area, determine the type of ladder needed, inspect the ladder, and once they have an appropriate ladder, proceed to perform the task to completion. While performing the task, the user will also be assessed on their placement, and if they are obeying the correct rules, such as reaching, leaning, and other common errors.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest, HTC Focus+, HTC VIVE
What You'll Learn
  • Survey the work area
    Trainees survey the area to isolate any hazards present and determine correct ladder height.
  • Select and inspect the correct ladder for the task
    Ensure the ladder chosen meets the needs of the task, including material and height, (a site survey will alert the user to make corrections if needed). Trainees must inspect the ladder for damage, correct markings, etc. to determine if it is safe for use.
  • Set up the ladder for safe use
    Did trainees deploy the ladder as it was designed, or, for example, lean it against a wall?
  • Demonstrate proper ladder usage techniques
    Did trainees climb properly — hand over hand, staying within the confines of the rails? Did they use the top two rungs? Did they lean to the side to complete their task? Technique matters!

Ladder placement procedure in PIXO VR Ladder Safety Training

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