Pipeline Patrolling

Patrol a mile-long simulated gas pipeline to ensure it is operating correctly — and safely.

This module requires trainees to perform pipeline patrolling activities on a pipeline right-of-way including a pipe section that is suspended on a bridge. Trainees are required to recognize and react to any Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOC’s) that could threaten the integrity and safety of the pipeline. Upon completion of the patrolling inspection, trainees must properly document and report their findings.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest, HTC Focus+, HTC VIVE
What You'll Learn
  • Conduct a line patrol according to procedure
    Understand and complete inspection requirements for both above- and below-ground lines. Replace outdated or broken markers and signage.
  • Identify and correct any AOCs found
    Accurately identify and take the appropriate corrective actions in the case of Abnormal Operating Conditions, (AOCs).
  • Report to dispatch and document findings
    Ensure all aspects of the patrol and inspection process are documented — from any AOCs found, to the steps taken, to the scenarios final resolution.
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