Life-Saving RulesAWARE

Ensure employees know the industry standard’s 9 IOGP Life-Saving Rules

The Life-Saving RulesAWARE® training course ensures that trainees know the IOGP Life-Saving Rules and their action statements. Adherence to these is proven to reduce the number of serious incidents by 70% (SPE paper available on request).

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 2
What You'll Learn
  • Trainees will recall and understand the industry standard’s 9 IOGP Life-Saving Rules and their 32 action statements.

The VR Experience

The trainee plays a “whack-the-mole” style game by hammering down the right answers in response to presented key workplace situations. The game is presented in 3D 360-degree mode with visual, tactual, and auditive stimulation inviting physical action by the trainees. This results in a fully-immersive learning experience that is effective and engaging.

These rules and statements are presented visually in lively animations, in spoken word, and in written text.  Passing the game ensures full recollection and thorough understanding. The game uses sounds, stimulating music, hand vibrations, visual clues, and invites physical action by the trainees. All of these help in the learning process. This module is available in 23 languages.

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