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Learn Life-Saving Rules With Virsat

Virtual Reality Safety Training (VIRSAT)

VIRSAT’s mission is to develop, produce and provide innovative, practical and proven learning methods to impact safety competence and human performance of workers in industry.

9 IOGP Based Standard Life-Saving Rules


Line of Fire

Hot Work

Working at Heights

Bypassing Safety Controls

Confined Spaces

Safe Mechanical Lifting

Work Authorization

Energy Isolation

The Life-Saving RulesAware® Training is a Big Improvement over Classical Classroom Training and e-Learning

Distraction and multi-tasking reduce by 38%

Willingness to act increases by 40%

Training time reduces by 40%

Completion of the game ensures the staff know the rules, 100%

VIRSAT aims at providing the best available learning techniques to help companies to achieve a safer working environment.


ESSA Approach

Eliminates – The need to develop training material in-house.
Simplifies – The training concentrating on the essential core.
Standardized – Applies industry standard approach.
Automate – Delivered with VR headset.
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Playing the game ensures that the workers know the Life-Saving Rules and can apply them. The Life-Saving Rules Aware® training shows that fun and safety can go together very well.

Life saving rules

The Life-Saving Rules training is a big improvement over classical classroom training and e-learning.

  • Distraction and multi-tasking reduce by 38%
  • Willingness to act increases by 40%
  • Training time reduces by 40%
  • Staff has the willingness to play the game without being told to do so
  • Completing the game ensures the staff know the rules, 100%
  • No worker is left behind. All levels of learning abilities are supported
Life-Saving-RulesAWARE (1)

The design of the Life-Saving Rules training goes much deeper than fun. Recollection and understanding of the rules are boosted in multiple ways:

  • Visual presentation of the rules
  • Animations to explain the issues in the field
  • Physical interaction where players need to “hammer down” the right answers
  • Sound and vibrations providing feedback on the user interaction
  • High-energy game playing holds the attention
  • The rules are spoken and written are given in the native language of the worker
  • Competitive element encouraging replaying to improve
  • Completing the Life-Saving RulesAware® training ensures the Life-Saving Rules are known, understood, and recognised in the work environment
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