Life-Saving RulesPRO

Ensure employees know how to recognize workplace life-threatening situations

Life-Saving RulesPRO® training course allows trainees to recognize workplace life-threatening situations. They are stimulated to avoid accidents by intervening in situation where the IOGP Life-Saving Rules or their action statements are compromised. Adherence to these is proven to reduce the number of serious incidents by 70% (SPE paper available on request). It is also a fun tool to educate workers and promote a safe working culture.



Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro
What You'll Learn

This course builds on the Life-Saving RulesAware course.

  • Trainees will be able to recognize life-threatening workplace situations that historically cause around 70% of all serious accidents.
  • Trainees will be prepared to intervene on-time in such situations, and by doing so, prevent the life-threatening situation to escalate and result in dire outcomes.
  • 23 languages and a design fit for workers with reading challenges make sure that no worker is left behind. This is a practical safety training in a “real” workplace. Virtual accidents happen, without any harm done, but with maximum learning impact.

The VR Experience

The trainee is an actor in a real 3D 360-degree workplace environment that includes confined workspace, working at height, driving, line of fire threats, and many other hazardous situations. The presented situations are as complex as reality often is. Trainees learn how to be on the watch out for the hazards. Learning by trying is the concept on which the training is based. This is suited for grassroot workers who are often action-oriented and learn by doing.

The life-threatening workplace situations are presented in a “real-life” format. It feels like being there. Passing the game demonstrates the ability to recognize and timely intervention in workplace conditions where safety requires this. This makes the trainees more aware of areas where they can improve their safety behavior. It also helps them to stimulate peers to do the same. The game uses sounds, stimulating music, hand vibrations, visual clues, and invites physical action of the trainees. All of these help in the learning process.

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