Graded Road DrivingPRO

Ensure employees know how to drive safely on a graded road

Graded Road DrivingPRO is an interactive and realistic virtual reality game aimed at preventing incidents while driving on graded road. The training presents key behavior preventing serious accidents while driving on graded road. Measure to mitigate accidents, should they happen, is also covered. The training is suited for drivers who typically learn by doing and less through verbal instructions.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro
What You'll Learn
  • Trainees will be able to recognize conditions and situations that have frequently led to serious accidents while driving on graded roads, and learn how to avoid ending up in such situations.
  • They will also recall measures that help mitigate serious personal outcomes in case accidents do happen.
  • Many situations are covered, including: driving through dust, fatigue, rollover prevention, vehicle requirements such as roll-over bars, IVMS, high intensity rear lights, and several others are also covered.

The VR Experience

Sitting next to the driver, you experience in 3D 360-degree trip on a realistic graded road with several situations presented in a “real-life” way. Trainees need to be on the watch-out for many situations to prevent accidents. It reflects the actual challenges with many parallel requirements that need to be fulfilled for a safe driving on graded roads.

The game uses sounds, stimulating music, hand vibrations, visual clues, and invites physical action of the drivers. Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu language versions, and a design fit for drivers with reading challenges make sure that no driver is left behind. This is a practical safety training in a “real” workplace. Virtual accidents happen, without any harm done, but with maximum learning impact.

Passing the game demonstrates their ability to recognize and avoid driving situations that can bring them in danger, along with encouraging other drivers to do the same.

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