Anchor and Fall Protection Training

Ensure workers know how to safely move and anchor at heights

This fall protection simulation trains workers to select and use the proper equipment to safely work in a high stakes situation where there is a risk of falling. Trainees will learn how to inspect the equipment for wear and damage and to successfully navigate through some risky situations with anchor points along the way. Virtual reality (VR) is a powerful training tool that puts workers in dangerous situations that feel very real—while keeping them completely safe.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 2, Pro, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

This VR anchor and fall protection training teaches and assesses safety skills for working at heights. Workers using this VR training will learn:

  • How to select gear – Inspecting and donning harness, lanyard, carabiners and work gear as needed.
  • How to use anchors – Attaching lanyards to an anchor point, then unhooking and hooking to a lifeline, traveling to the next anchor point, and repeating the process.
  • How to handle an attached fall – Practicing recovery when the floor falls out from under the trainee. 
  • Fall protection assessment – Evaluating the worker’s ability to meet the requirements of proper fall protection

The VR Experience

This VR training course has a tutorial, which takes the user through a non-graded lesson, and a scenario that is meant to be a graded assessment. The tutorial guides the user through proper inspection of their equipment, such as a harness, lanyard, and carabiners, as well as proper hooking of the carabiners to the back and chest. It will also walk the user through properly using anchors including hooking to anchor points and lifeline, walking, unhooking, and repeating at each anchor point. The tutorial challenges the user to choose appropriate anchor points and lifelines as they are traversing through destination markers. The tutorial also includes fall practice where the user is presented with good and bad anchor points. Once they hook their lanyard, a countdown begins and the floor falls out from under them or a catwalk breaks. If they choose a bad anchor point or incorrect PPE, it will break and the user will fall. If they do not fall, they must remove the hazard attachment to the lifeline and continue on to complete a simple task of removing a paint can from the floor and placing it in a box. This ends the tutorial and the user will teleport to a grading room where they can review their performance scores. The scenario tests the concepts from the tutorial, but includes the simulation of a Cherry Picker assent and tasks to collect loose tools while safely anchoring. The assessment ends when the last tool is found. The user will return to the grading room and receive their final grade.

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