Natural Gas Leak Emergency Training

Prepare natural gas field workers to safely investigate residential gas leaks

PIXO VR Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response challenges trainees in utilities companies to search for, find, and properly respond to a simulated gas leak emergency in a residential neighborhood. Company learners will need to properly follow the gas leak emergency response plan for safe evacuation and handling of the system leak. With multi-user functionality, scenario randomization, and real-time reporting and analytics, it’s the most advanced, intense, and engaging emergency VR training for those working in the natural gas industry.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 3, 4, HTC Vive, Linux
What You'll Learn

Trainees will be tested on 5 core learning objections as part of a gas leak emergency response plan that includes:

  • Detection – Finding the leak source
  • Classification – Properly classify the grade of a leak, once it is found, and respond appropriately
  • Marking – Use of appropriate tools to mark and tag leak
  • Safety Device / Hazard Recognition – Safety devices in good order /Debris and impediment clearing and notification
  • Reporting / Documentation – Appropriate steps taken, resolution, and clear documentation

The VR Experience

Participants in this virtual reality scenario will have access to a simulated neighborhood, where a customer has reported they smelled gas. The VR user will start with the work order, then will be required to investigate outside dwellings and buildings. The learner will use real life training and methods in the virtual environment to identify and rectify any hazards, leaks, or incorrect/improper safety procedures and warnings. They will be tested on getting CGI readings at main line sewer manholes, catch basins, and utility vaults. If a leak is found, the user will classify, note all AOCs and hazards, report and / or fix using the proper method for it’s Leak Grade, as well as stay at the scene until either the issue is fixed or another team has arrived to correct the problem. The simulation ends when all documentation is created and submitted through the system. The learner is then taken to a grading room where they can view their results, then retry the VR simulation as needed.

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