Gas Appliance Inspection Training

Ensure employees can safely inspect and light gas appliances

This virtual reality (VR) home inspection training assesses appliance installers, mechanics, and gas field workers to inspect multiple types of gas appliances to determine if they are safe to be lit after a meter change out or new gas turn on. Employees will be able to safely practice and demonstrate their training knowledge to identify appliance safety concerns, perform appropriate testing, and if safe, use proper procedures for lighting the gas burner on each appliance.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Linux, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

In this safety inspection training course employees will use real life training and methods in a virtual environment to assess their gas appliance inspection knowledge. They will need to identify any hazards or safety concerns, perform appropriate tests, then light the burner for each appliance encountered. Those taking this training will:

  • Learn how to properly inspect home gas appliances that require a flame test such as: boilers, water heaters, and central heating units/furnaces.
  • Learn how to properly inspect home gas appliances that require a thermometer test such as: ranges and dryers.
  • Learn the status of key categories of each appliance such as: venting, combustion scoring, and piping.
  • Learn how to properly recognize and document Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs)

The VR Experience

This VR home inspection training begins with the user entering a virtual residential basement environment. The user must read through a Work Order instructing them to inspect the appliances in the room. The appliances and their respective problems encountered are randomized for a unique experience for each VR session. The user must inspect the gas appliances using appropriate tools from their toolbox such as flashlight, voltage pen, and matches. Inspection must start by checking that the sink has water to include or disclude water-using appliances. Next the user must check for AOCs that are close to appliances and ask the customer to remove them. The VR experience guides the user to carefully inspect each appliance and record conditions of all relevant parts. The user must also perform a flame or thermometer test as appropriate for the appliance. Once an appliance has been inspected, the user can perform the light test and categorize the flame color appropriately. Once all appliances have been lit or shut down, the user finalizes their documentation on the inspection. This will complete the safety inspection and the user will be taken to a grading room where they will see their results with detailed visuals on what they did correctly/incorrectly. Their scores are tallied for a pass or fail final. Users can repeat the experience to further practice or be reassessed.

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