Excavation Gas Stand-By Activities Training

Safely train utility workers on natural gas activities during excavation stand-by

Virtual reality (VR) is the perfect training tool to provide a realistic environment for utility workers to learn critical stand-by activities during a site excavation near a gas main. This stand-by activities training has a simulated excavation site located close to a gas main. The user will have to communicate with the digging crew in order to assure correct excavation procedure, recognize and react to abnormal operation conditions (AOC) which can potentially damage the gas pipeline.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 2, Pro, Linux, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

This VR excavation stand-by activities gas training course provides a safe environment for utilities field workers to learn and practice stand-by activities for a wide range of randomized scenarios. Workers will learn and be assessed on:

  • Performing a damage prevention inspection during third-party excavation.
  • Communicating with the excavation crew to permit start/continuation/finish the excavation.
  • Recognizing and reacting to the AOC’s on various stages of the excavation process.
  • Inspecting the gas pipeline and permitting backfilling to occur.

The VR Experience

This natural gas activities for site excavation VR training begins in one of many randomized scenarios with the user getting a work order for performing a damage prevention inspection during third-party excavation near a critical facility. The user then needs to make contact with the crew leader and follow inspection procedure for excavation status and visual inspection for markings and Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs). The user must properly report all AOCs found. Once complete, the user may permit the excavation to start (or continue). If the excavation was completed at the start of the simulation, the user will either have to make the digging crew to re-excavate the pipeline using hand tools or report about work completion depending on how far the case markings are from the excavation. When the pipeline is exposed the user can use a digital measuring tool to take measurements. They will then need to inspect the gas pipeline and permit backfilling as appropriate. When the user completes a scenario, they are taken to a grading room and shown their results and given a passing or failing score. Users are scored on procedure, AOC recognition, and reporting.

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