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Be more present with Solas VR.

Improve employee wellness and performance with meditations in XR.

Three pillars of XR mindfulness and wellness content, now available in the PIXO Content Collection.

The Meditation Space

A wide selection of 360-videos, capturing the nature of Ireland, that can be used in different meditation experiences.

The Wisdom Space

An area of reflection and self-discovery, updated regularly with new stories and discussion to guide our audience's self-improvement pathway.

The Breathing Space

Breathing exercises designed for users at all levels of experience. As basic and necessary for our meditation app as breathing itself.

Stress: a growing problem for companies worldwide — with a clear remedy.


of employees report feeling stressed on the job, and nearly half say they need help managing that stress.

6 in 10

workers in major global economies say they are experiencing increased workplace stress levels.

20% to 50%

of corporations' annual employee turnover has been attributed to employee stress and 'burnout'.


increase in employee productivity with wellness and mindfulness activities such as micro-breaks for meditation.

Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with guided meditations for modern life.

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The perfect option to reconnect with nature.

Three proven benefits of improved employee mindfulness...


Mindfulness practices, such as breathing meditation, are associated with decreased gray-matter density in the amygdala, the region of the brain that initiates a response to stress. This reduces the inclination to interpret an uncertain environment as a threat and thus react defensively. In this way, mindfulness improves mental agility.

Cognitive Ability

Mindfulness improves short-term memory and the ability to perform complex cognitive tasks. It also frees people to think outside the box, which helps them cut through complexity. In the context of workplace performance, proven results include a higher quality of strategic decision making and more effective collaboration.

Focus & Clarity

As Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon observed, “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” This insight is more accurate today than ever before. Maintaining a strong focus in this time of digital information overload is essential. The regular practice of mindfulness routines can reduce mental wandering and distraction.

Ready to improve mindfulness and productivity? Add Solas VR to your PIXO Content Pack today.

Gift your employees Time & Space with stress-relieving micro-breaks.

Short, voluntary breaks can have a very positive effect, as they can be beneficial — reducing stress, boosting creativity and productivity, and sharpening our communication skills. Solas VR experiences enable micro-breaks that actively promote increased calmness, stress relief, and better mental wellbeing overall.

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