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Help employees reduce stress, stay focused, and improve productivity

Corporate mindfulness training is rapidly growing in popularity as organizations work to retain employees and build mindful cultures. Virtual reality (VR) is an incredibly effective tool to deliver safe, immersive experiences that can help employees learn meditation techniques and execute regular meditation practices. Meditation training isn’t just for tech companies. The corporate world is finding VR meditation to be a simple way to introduce mindfulness to the workplace.

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What You'll Learn

Meditation programs have been shown to have a wide variety of positive impacts on individuals and the corporate culture they work in. Here are some of the results experienced when regularly using VR for corporate mindfulness training.

  • Open-mindedness – Mindfulness practices, such as breathing meditation, are associated with decreased gray-matter density in the amygdala, the region of the brain that initiates a response to stress. This reduces the inclination to interpret an uncertain environment as a threat and thus react defensively. In this way, mindfulness improves mental agility.
  • Cognitive Ability – Mindfulness improves short-term memory and the ability to perform complex cognitive tasks. It also frees people to think outside the box, which helps them cut through complexity. In the context of workplace performance, proven results include a higher quality of strategic decision making and more effective collaboration.
  • Focus & Clarity – As Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon observed, “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” This insight is more accurate today than ever before. Maintaining a strong focus in this time of digital information overload is essential. The regular practice of mindfulness routines can reduce mental wandering and distraction.

The VR Experience

This VR mindfulness training has 360 different nature videos, that can be used for mindfulness meditation. The training begins with the employee selecting a location from options such as: beach, forest, lake, valley, pond, or sacred sites. Next the employee can select a male or female guide to lead them in stress reduction. Lastly, the employee chooses the audio sounds they’d like to hear such as: drumming, gentle music, nature sounds, a combination, or silence. The employee is take on an experiential journey toward improved mental health. When practiced as a regularly available part of a mindfulness program, employees are able to reduce burnout, reduce negative emotions, and are overall more refreshed and focused in their daily life.

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