The Breathing Space

Breathing exercises designed for users at all levels of experience.

In these Nature based exercises we remind ourselves of the power of Breathing. There are a range of exercises designed to help us relax or energize, manage any stress or anxiety or simply help us move from one part of our day to the next. The exercises are 3- 5 minutes and we explain the practice, talk it through and allow time for practice.

Solas VR
Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 2
What You'll Learn
  • Open-mindedness
    Mindfulness practices, such as breathing meditation, are associated with decreased gray-matter density in the amygdala, the region of the brain that initiates a response to stress. This reduces the inclination to interpret an uncertain environment as a threat and thus react defensively. In this way, mindfulness improves mental agility.
  • Cognitive Ability
    Mindfulness improves short-term memory and the ability to perform complex cognitive tasks. It also frees people to think outside the box, which helps them cut through complexity. In the context of workplace performance, proven results include a higher quality of strategic decision making and more effective collaboration.
  • Focus & Clarity
    As Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon observed, “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” This insight is more accurate today than ever before. Maintaining a strong focus in this time of digital information overload is essential. The regular practice of mindfulness routines can reduce mental wandering and distraction.


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