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PIXO VR Announces Strategic Partnership with Verse Foresight as its Middle East Affiliate

BERKLEY, MI. — PIXO VR is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Verse Foresight as its Middle East Affiliate. This groundbreaking affiliation combines PIXO’s expertise in VR Training with Verse Foresight’s profound knowledge of learning needs and clients across … Read More

Title card for VR challenges that and XR platform can help

Top 5 VR Training Challenges that an XR Platform Can Solve

Many enterprises attempted to use technology like virtual reality or augmented reality to attempt to improve training, but never reached widespread adoption because of the challenges they faced. Feedback from training managers who experimented with XR reported frustrations with technology, … Read More

Top 11 Features Needed for an XR Platform Title Card

Top 11 Features Needed for an Enterprise Extended Reality Platform

Extended reality (XR) is one of many business tools that have become increasingly important in our new digital landscape. Demand has grown for more collaborative and efficient technology like AR, VR, and MR, that can also help people overcome physical … Read More