We believe VR will evolve employee training

Our mission is to make work safer, more enriching, and career advancing for employees by making VR training possible for companies of all sizes.

We challenge everything — especially ourselves.

Critical to the PIXO philosophy is our constant commitment to helping companies explore and transition to VR training. As technologists, designers, artists, and makers of all kinds, we believe there is always a better way and continually raise the bar on making employee training effective.

Pointing out VR
A PIXO employee showing VR training on a computer
A worker using virtual reality

Technology created for people, by people.

We don't believe in technology for technology's sake — we believe technology should serve real people and solve real problems. We define our success by the value we create. Our team of award-winning VR engineers, developers, and training experts are dedicated to questioning assumptions, breaking down barriers, and creating new realities of human potential.

Our values fuel training innovation


We love what we do. That shows in our products and services. In everything we do, we strive to be the very best at it — and to get better. Every day.


With backgrounds in AAA gaming, Hollywood films, and groundbreaking XR innovation, we find a way to make impossible things possible.


We care about our work because we care about each other. We believe with a "Team First" mentality, everybody wins — especially our customers.


We define our success by the value we create for our customers. We listen to your needs and challenges, then deliver the best possible solutions.


You just won't find a more dedicated team working in Extended Reality today. Whatever the challenge, we rise to the occasion and conquer it.


We know that our clients are a major part of our success — both now and in the future. We won't rest until your issue is addressed to your satisfaction.

These companies are improving training with PIXO

Strong leadership is making VR a business reality

Professional headshot of Sean

Sean Hurwitz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Professional Headshot of Jean

Jean Kaptur

Chief Operations Officer
Professional headshot of Stacey

Stacey Bennett

Director of Operations
Professional headshot of Rosina

Rosina Feser

Director of Marketing
Professional Headshot of Brian

Brian Draper

Vice President, Content
Headshot of Mike Drzewiecki

Mike Drzewiecki

Vice President, Technology

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