Apex for Training Services

The VR market will be $185B in 2026. Are you ready to earn VR services revenue?

VR is growing rapidly within enterprises for hard and soft skill training. You need a whitelabeled platform that compliments your training services to allow your enterprise clients to run VR training programs at scale. That’s PIXO Apex.

Contains library full of standard VR training content

Your clients can achieve a fast time to value and lower perceived risk by utilizing existing, proven content to show value internally.

Eliminates technical issues while being hardware agnostic

Apex eliminates the headache of deploying content to devices and works with any headset so your clients aren’t restricted by preferences.

Provides complete assessment and tracking into LMS

All activity interacting with training content is tracked and that information can be easily sent to the client LMS with the Apex API.

And the Apex platform has built-in parent/child functionality so technology and services companies can extend Apex into each client while handling program administration. And it is all white-labeled so your company can brand Apex as your own offering.

Training content to solve skilled labor shortage and improve soft skills

PIXO partners with developers and agencies developing the best content for enterprise training. Our library of content continues to grow each day allowing your clients easy entry into VR training. Of course there are times when custom content is needed and Apex makes it simple for you to bring that content into the library and provision it for your unique clients.

Skilled Labor

Soft Skills

Workplace Safety

PIXO Apex features speeds up time to value for your clients

How Apex is brought into your training offering

  1. Purchase an Apex platform subscription and brand it as desired.
  2. PIXO provides co-branded sales collateral and marketing support to help you sell the value of Apex to your clients.
  3. Provision the software for your clients using the parent/child relationships.
  4. Work with your clients to select content, then license it accordingly.
  5. PIXO continues to work with Content Partners to grow content offerings.
  6. You pay PIXO for platform subscription and content usage.
  7. PIXO provides you with Tier 2 technical support.
  8. You can offer additional services to help clients launch and manage training programs.
  9. You set pricing with clients as desired.
"What we liked about PIXO Apex was the access to a library of content. Content is king in VR and being able to offer our customers additional content that can be customized for their specific needs allows us to provide more cost-effective VR."
Ian Tennant, Learning and Development Professional

Training consultancies are extending their service with Apex

Learn how you can drive more revenue with Apex

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