Inspect gas appliances for randomized defects to determine if they're safe for use.

Complete a multi-step safety inspection in VR to ensure technicians can do so successfully in the field.

In PIXO VR Appliance Inspection, trainees use real-life methods in a simulated environment to identify any potential hazards, incorrect construction methods, or other safety concerns surrounding gas-based appliances.


Saudi Aramco
DTE Energy
New Jersey Natural Gas
Atmos Energy
Nicor Gas
Consumers Energy
Peoples Gas



“Out of 13 companies we considered to build our VR training simulations, we chose PIXO VR, not only for their track record of innovation, but for their attentiveness to our needs. The quality of their VR speaks for itself, but it was their established work history, depth of technical knowledge…and ability to quickly scale their VR Training solutions to meet our evolving needs that won us over. Completely.”


Sr. Program Manager for Energy Delivery


Developed in partnership with subject matter experts from GTI as part of our suite of VR Training for the Natural Gas Industry, PIXO VR Appliance Inspection challenges trainees to perform a complete inspection of one or more appliances in a residential setting, grading them on their successful completion of essential tasks.

Verify Work Order

After entering the environment, trainees must review their work order to determine if their appliance inspection task is related to either a New Customer Turn-on procedure or a Meter Change.

Inspect for Defects

Trainees use observation and simulated tools to inspect one or more gas appliances for possible defects, including improper venting, faulty connections, possible obstructions, or others.

Tag-out or Issue Warnings

Based on any defects found, trainees must then choose whether to tag-out the appliances in question or issue any appropriate warnings to residents in the home.

If Safe, Light Pilot

If conditions warrant, trainees must then light the appliance, with blue flames meaning a safe, clean-burning light. If flames are yellow, trainees must tag-out the appliance.

Check for Safe Operation

Assuming a blue flame burns upon lighting, trainees must then run the appliance to ensure everything is safe and in good working order for use in the residence.

Report to Dispatch

After ensuring a clean-burning gas connection and safely operating appliance, trainees report completion of the inspection to dispatch and receive their detailed score in real-time.

Scenes from PIXO VR Appliance Inspection

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