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Got Great VR Training Content? We’ve Got Buyers.

VR is growing rapidly for hard and soft skill training. PIXO Apex has the only marketplace that connects business buyers of all sizes with standard VR training content while solving all of the technical issues of deployment and tracking.

Training content to solve skilled labor shortage and improve soft skills

Reach more VR content buyers

PIXO Apex is used by training consultancies, large enterprises and its content store can be accessed by small businesses too. This means that content on Apex reaches a very large audience of target buyers.

Solve technical challenges

Creating content for clients doesn’t solve the issues of provisioning, deploying, tracking and managing the training progress. Apex has this handled so Content Creators don’t have to worry about anything but content.

Create a steady revenue stream

When you make great content, you want to keep earning money from it. With Apex you can continue to earn money based on content usage that keeps you getting a steady stream of revenue with lots of  growth potential.

We have growing demand for VR training content

We partner with the best developers and agencies to get the best content for business training. Standardized training content earns the most revenue as it can be used across industries. VR training for workplace safety and soft skills are rapidly growing. Also, the need for standard industry-specific training like in public safety, construction and healthcare and taking off too! If you have the expertise and skills to create content in these areas, we’d love to have you increase your earnings by hosting it on PIXO Apex.

Skilled Labor

Soft Skills

Workplace Safety

See the opportunities for your great VR content

Apex makes it simple for you to increase revenue

  • Apex has an easy API bridge that allows you to upload content directly to the platform.
  • The API automates updates so the latest and greatest content is always available to users.
  • Our Netflix-like content library makes it easy for users to find content that will fit their needs.
  • Wireless deployment of VR content to any device in the world eliminates technical barriers.
  • Progress tracking of status, completion and training scoring makes it easy to see the value of your content.
  • Plus, you can access user-interaction data so you can make improvements and keep your content in high demand.

How to earn more money for your VR content

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about the most requested training content and to get the details on submitting content with our API.
  2. Work with trainers or clients to create VR training content for businesses using Unreal Engine or Unity builds that works for all headsets.
  3. Use the PIXO Apex SDK to upload your content to the platform.
  4. PIXO Apex users will license content to use for training.
  5. PIXO will payout 70% of any content licensing fees to you each quarter.
  6. The more high-quality content you add, the more you get paid.


Note, if you create custom content for a client, you can also upload that to Apex for your clients to access wirelessly and to get the tracking and provisioning capabilities they want.

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“We have more opportunities to learn from each user’s experience and explore where we can go with these training modules. Instead of creating individual training experiences, we know that we’re building to a platform.”
Mickey Stewart, 3D Artist

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