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PIXO VR is looking for amazing Virtual Reality Training content for our cloud-based platform. Every day, we get requests from major brands looking for VR Training relevant to their industry. We want to help them find the training they want, and help you earn the revenue you need.

  • Monetize your content faster with a pipeline of waiting prospects
  • Make money while you sleep with "always-on" lead generation
  • Distribute your content on a global scale with our platform
  • Expand your brand's reach and visibility overnight
  • Enjoy lucrative revenue-sharing incentives and other benefits
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As a PIXO VR Content Partner, generate monthly recurring revenue almost instantly, expand your brand globally, and become eligible for awesome pricing incentives and other benefits.

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“We quickly learned that [the PIXO VR] platform could address many of our challenges...It gives our training experiences new structure. We have more opportunities to learn from each user’s experience and explore where we can go with these training modules. Instead of creating individual training experiences, we know that we’re building to a platform.”

3D Artist at VECTRE

Three easy steps to licensing your content to customers on our platform...

We're all about making things simple.

1. Easily integrate with our web-based API

After submitting a form, having a chat, and agreeing to terms & conditions, hook up your VR Training content with our API to enable essential things like user authentication.

2. Score users on their training

Upon completion of a training session, ensure that users of your VR content are being accurately graded using SCORM-compliant data, so they (and their trainers) know how they did.

3. Collect that sweet, rev-share cheddar

Once integrated, customers can license, access, and distribute your content to numerous endpoints and users. We handle payment processing — you collect the money.

What kind of content are PIXO VR platform users actively looking for?

Our pipeline of customers and prospects are constantly asking for training relevant to the following industries:

Commercial Construction

First Responders and Public Safety

Energy and Public Utilities

High Res Screenshot
PIXO VR Gas Meter


Automotive and Transportation

General Industry

PIXO VR Manufacturing
PIXO VR Automotive
OSHA Warehouse

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