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Yes! That’s one of the key differences between PIXO VR Training and other Virtual and Augmented Reality Training solutions. PIXO was the first company to introduce multi-user VR to the world, allowing up to dozens of trainees and other users to learn, practice, and interact together in the same environment at the same time — from potentially numerous global endpoints.

Yes — but importantly, they can also be randomized. That’s another feature that makes PIXO VR Training unique in the market today. Our first-to-market Scenario Randomization helps us avoid “teaching to the test”, exposing trainees to potentially millions of different situational details, ensuring no two training sessions are the same, (unless you want them to be).

Apex is a groundbreaking new Extended Reality distribution, management, and analytics platform from PIXO. With Apex, organizations can now use and scale XR technology easier than ever before, all with one secure, cloud-based solution.

No. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be VR. PIXO Apex can distribute any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality content — regardless of whether it was created by PIXO, licensed from our content library, created internally by a company, or developed by a third-party.

PIXO Apex allows organizations to access, distribute, and manage XR content on a wide variety of the most popular tethered and standalone VR hardware platforms, including (but not limited to), HTC VIVE/VIVE Pro, HP Reverb/Reverb 2, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo/Neo 2, and more.

Absolutely! We’re always looking for new and engaging content to deliver to our audience. Be sure to visit our Content Submissions page to learn how to become an Official PIXO Content Partner.

Yes! While we offer a growing library of XR content experiences, Apex can be used exclusively as a distribution and management platform for your organization.

“Working with the PIXO Team was great! We really appreciate the high quality product and support we received and those who experienced the training for themselves really enjoyed it. PIXO delivered as promised.”
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