Create a culture of safety with virtual reality hazard recognition training.

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Find and fix safety hazards in fully immersive & interactive VR.

Creating a culture of safety requires every employee to be knowledgeable, alert, and engaged. In PIXO VR Hazard Recognition, trainees are challenged to explore photo-realistic 3D work spaces to identify and correct literally millions of randomized potential safety hazards. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities in a risk-free virtual environment with real-time scoring and analytics.

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PIXO VR Hazard Recognition asks trainees in a variety of fields to demonstrate their depth of knowledge of essential safety protocols to create a safe and fully compliant workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment Inspection (PPE)

Job #1: gear-up with the appropriate PPE. With Multi-User Functionality, Hazard Recognition requires all trainees to properly don PPE and ensure their co-workers are doing the same.

Spot & Identify Potential Hazards

After entering an industry-relevant environment, trainees must find and properly identify potential hazards, ranging from improperly stored hazardous materials to defective scaffolding.

Recommend Proper Corrective Actions

With Real-Time Reporting, employees are graded on their ability to find and fix potentially millions of randomized hazards, with scoring for correct, partially correct, and missed answers.

Get hazard recognition training specific to your industry.

Practice and assess trainees' hazard recognition and decision-making abilities in an environment relevant to your company or organization.


Bring your team together to learn, practice, and be assessed in this unprecedented hazard recognition-focused Virtual Reality Training experience.

Improve Efficiency & Collaboration with Multi-user Functionality

Train up to dozens of employees at one time in the same virtual environment — from any endpoint in the world — allowing them to explore, interact, speak, collaborate and even compete with one another using our first-to-market Multi-user Functionality.

Keep Trainees Alert & Engaged with Scenario Randomization

Challenge trainees with literally millions of combinations of potential environment, health, and safety hazards with another PIXO VR first: Scenario Randomization. Want to focus on a particular training issue instead? Lessons can also be repeated to perfection.

Gain Visibility & Insight with Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Give trainees the benefit of immediate, actionable feedback with scoring provided in real-time. At the same time, trainers and employers receive critical clarity into trainee competence at both the individual and team-levels, including areas in need of focus and improvement.

Watch our explainer video

The high costs of improper safety training & awareness...

Workers injured on-the-job every day
Production days lost due to injuries
Dollars spent on workers' comp weekly

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